Florida is plagued with pesky Lovebugs around this time of year. They’re noisy, they swarm around nighttime lights and they’re seriously clumsy. Even after a short drive in your car, your vehicle could be peppered with Lovebug innards.

They might just appear to be nasty stains that you can clean off later, but it’s actually incredibly important to wipe them off as soon as possible and even consider a full car wash. This is because Lovebug remains can actually be corrosive to your vehicle, burning off your paint job and leaving nasty stains in addition to their corpses.

Lovebugs can ruin your paint job

If Lovebug guts linger on your vehicle they will eventually damage your paint job. Lovebug remains are corrosive to a vehicle’s paint job and they can be fairly difficult to remove if you’re not immediately cleaning your car after a drive. If you drive in areas that are filled with insects like Lovebugs, then it’s common to see large black spots on areas such as your front bumper and nameplate.

It’s definitely not a pretty sight, but with so many Lovebugs swarming around this time of year, you could end up with some unsightly marks on your car even after a short drive. Fortunately, there’s a very easy way to get rid of Lovebugs remains and ensure that your vehicle is kept nice and clean.

A simple car wash can protect your vehicle

A classic car wash is the quickest way to get rid of any pesky Lovebugs guts and also protect your vehicle from further damage. You can simply take your vehicle to car wash service such as Jupiter Inlet Car Wash and we’ll help you wipe off any bugs and ensure that your car is in perfect sparkling condition.

Not only will this remove any unsightly bugs splatters, but it can also protect your vehicle from the corrosive nature of Lovebug remains. This will keep your car safe from further damage and also ensure that your vehicle value stays high. After all, no one’s going to buy a vehicle that has random patches of missing paint and dried Lovebug corpses on it. Having a poorly-maintained paint job can also eat into the value of your vehicle which makes it difficult to resell in the future.

Contact Jupiter Inlet Car Wash today

We hate Lovebugs as much as the next person, so we’re confident that we can help to clean and protect your vehicle. Don’t stress over damaging your paint job and get your vehicle cleaned and free of Lovebug splatters with a thorough car wash service from Jupiter Inlet Car Wash. You’ll never have to worry about these pesky summer bugs ever again and we even offer unlimited monthly pass plans so that if they’re really persistent, you can get a wash every single day if you have to.

We’re a car wash business like no other in Palm Beach County. You can get your car washed and free of Lovebugs while you relax, watch TV, sip an espresso and even do a bit of boutique shopping. Just get in touch with us or come down to our location to get rid of those annoying Lovebugs stains for good.

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